Better Safe Than Sorry: Workplace Violence Prevention

Violence in the Workplace Violence is the highlight of the majority of mainstream news broadcasts, especially in this day and age. School shootings, hate crimes, terrorist attacks, etc., seem to be happening more frequently. This overwhelming exposure of violence worldwide has left many of us traumatized, in fear and feeling concerned for our safety. The last place we want…

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BREAKING NEWS: Labor Strike in Santa Clara County Superior Courts

Dear Clients, We’ve just verified that the court clerks in Santa Clara County Superior Court, California, will go on strike Wednesday, August 3.  The Court Supervisor has informed us that no case files will be pulled by the clerks on Wednesday—which effectively prevents us from obtaining the vast majority of criminal case information in this…

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eBook: Criminal Records for Employment Background Check Reports

The format of this eBook is simple in that I’ll take you through what comprises a legal and effective employment criminal background check. As a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) everything that we touch at HireSafe is focused first on our fiduciary responsibility to our client, while always maintaining the rights of the job applicant. The…

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Employment Background Check State Laws and Regulations

Criminal Records A number of states have their own rules for regulating background checks performed by CRA’s. While the FCRA allows criminal records to be reported indefinitely, a few states limit that window to seven (7) years, most notably California. In New York, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Texas, New Hampshire and Washington waive the seven year…

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Establishing a Best Practice Background Screening Program

Why Do Businesses Need Background Checks? Businesses need background checks to ensure they hire the right people the first time around. Therefore establishing a background screening program is a logical business practice because background checks: Are devices to help companies hire suitable employees. Can be used with current employees during investigations. Verifies candidates are who…

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How to Select a Background Screening Company that is Compliant.

Compliant reporting begins with receiving compliant reports from your screening partner. As in every strata of business, there are those that are professional and know their field inside out, and then there’s everybody else. The internet has given rise to amateurs in the background screening industry preying upon unsuspecting and trusting shoppers. There are few…

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Tenant Screening – Do’s & Don’ts for Property Management

Tenant Screening As a property manager or landlord you have the difficult task of finding the right tenants. Your worst nightmare is to have a bad renter. So, how do you minimize renting to someone that is irresponsible and negligent? Below are some do’s and don’ts that we have put together for you when conducting…

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Why People Applying for Volunteer Opportunities Need Background Checks

Summer is fast approaching which means non-profit organizations will be hiring volunteers for their programs. Summer camps, sports, recreation and other activities will be offering volunteer work. However, many of these volunteer opportunities are risking the safety of the public. By not conducting background checks for volunteers they risk hiring someone with a criminal past.…

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Executive Background Check Challenges Hiring Managers Face

One challenge that employers face today is that a growing work force is retiring each day. Some of these retirees have executive level positions. While a massive age group moves out of these high level positions, a new work force is competing for these new open job positions. So who will fill your higher level…

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