State Employment Background Check Compliance

State regulations are entirely separate and in addition to the federal regulations enforced under the FCRA and EEOC guidelines. Many different states, counties and jurisdictions can have their own set of laws and regulations governing what is acceptable for application forms, background screening and interview questions. Luckily HireSafe is headquartered in California one of the…

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Increase in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Visits, Protect Your Company with Electronic Form I-9

As promised the current administration has stepped up strict enforcement of US Citizenship and Immigration Services enforcement. Recent articles in the New Jersey Law Journal and Monterey Herald warn of increased audits and workplace visits, including relating to remote workers. This means it’s more important now than ever to ensure your company is compliant with…

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Oh, how the times are changing in CA yet again! New regulations for employment background checks.

On March 27, 2017, the California Office of Administrative Law approved the Fair Employment Housing Counsel’s (FEHC) new regulations clarifying existing limitations on criminal background checks and conforming to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) position that criminal background checks may have an adverse impact on protected classes. Employers still retain the right to screen…

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Three Rules HireSafe Follows to Keep Your Company Safe from Lawsuits

When shopping for the best employment background check company you may have seen numerous cheap “background check” offers across the web. These services generally just look up the name you provide and give you any records associated with that name. This rarely gives an accurate report and services like this are illegal for employment screening…

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Form I-9 Enforcement Expected to Increase, Stay Compliant with Electronic I-9 Forms from HireSafe

Since the 1980s filling out an I-9 form has been standard procedure. The I-9 form or employment verification form simply confirms the employee has authorization to work in the United States. However, required documentation, fines for incorrectly filling out the form and requirements to verify identification, keep forms on file and otherwise jump through hoops to complete…

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Compliance is the Most Important Part of Employment Background Checks

Understanding the laws and regulations surrounding background checks is the most important part of employment background screening. You might find out a candidate lied on their application or that they have a criminal past that excludes them from employment at your business. However, if you don’t follow the FCRA rules and state regulations you can’t…

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These Compliance Tips Will Help You Get it Right, Every Time!

There is no such thing as optional when it comes to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance. When your company makes the choice to run employment background checks on potential hires, the FCRA regulations protect the rights of the applicant. To protect your company, know that compliance is not optional and be absolutely sure you…

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Save Yourself from FCRA Violations with the HireSafe QuickApp™ and QuickApp PRO™

Companies lose millions of dollars a year in FCRA lawsuits that can be avoided! Typically, lawsuits begin when a company neglects to follow the proper procedures in conducting background screenings. Small business and huge corporations are all responsible for remaining complaint with FCRA and state ordinances. Both are often found in the middle of hiring…

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