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Background Screening Solutions by Name 

Employment Background Screening Solutions by Name

All pre-employment background screening and checks are NOT the same! HireSafe offers legally compliant CA Employee Background Checks and Pre-Employment Background Screening, a complete Drug Testing and Screening program and Attitudinal Integrity Assessment Profiles for a full-line approach to pre-employment background screening. With over 75 different background screening options, our goal is to be your complete hiring solution center. This consists of pre-screening and checking every applicants' background for hidden criminal records, use of illicit drugs and their attitudinal evaluation. HireSafe is a Designated Agent approved by the Department of Homeland Security to offer the new E-Verify Form i9 Advantage verification. Pre-Employment Background Checking is a “best-practice” for any business, large or small.

A reliable, single source for all of your employment background screening needs:

Solution Packages by Name

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