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HireSafe BizScreen® Suite for Business Solutions

An Intelligent Way to Manage Your Business Screening Program

HireSafe offers a complete suite of specialized searches beyond Human Resources that are relevant to the many aspects of daily business decision-making challenges and their proper due diligence.

Conducting business due diligence may be defined as a method of investigative study for evaluating a potential partner or key person. Only by first performing due diligence through obtaining and analyzing as much of the public domain information as possible can a business make a well-informed decision. If the process is not done the repercussions may be far-reaching with many unintended consequences. Take advantage of the HireSafe BizScreen® Suite of background check services that support your need to know the facts about the people outside of the traditional Human Resources background screening applications.



HireSafe BizScreen Solutions Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple Authorized User
  • Auto-Invoicing Payment Plan
  • Pay As You Go with No Quantity Commitments

Key Profiles:
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