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How Can an Applicant Tracking System Affect the Way an Employer Approaches Hiring?

What benefits do Applicant Tracking Systems provide employers? Full story

What an Applicant’s DUI Means for an Employer

How should employer's deal with an applicant with a DUI? Our blog discusses this issue. Full story

A Few Reasons to be Thankful for Background Screening This Thanksgiving

Spending time every Thanksgiving pondering over what to be thankful over should lead most employers to consider employment background screening, here's why. Full story

Social Media Background Checks in 2014 – Trust Us, It’s Time to Stop

Social media background checks are nothing but an open invitation to a lawsuit. Full story

Background Checks are not Discriminatory Against Criminals

The argument that background checks discriminate against criminals is one of the most lobbied complaints against the industry, but it is without a doubt, false. Full story

Employee Theft and Fraud is on the Rise

With employee theft and fraud on the rise the only solution is the one thing employers look to cut first out of their expenses. Full story

Top 4 Employment Background Screening Myths

Employment background checks, the term to the unfamiliar conjures up a variety of preconceived misconceptions that just do not accurately reflect the industry as a whole. Read this article to learn more. Full story

Understanding the FCRA from an Employer's Perspective

FCRA compliance is absolutely critical for employers to avoid the figuartive hot seat that is a class action lawsuit. Full story

Rescreening Employees Annually or Bi-Annually – Is it Useful?

Looking into which positions may require rescreening periodically throughout their tenure is a great way to ensure your organization is safe from potential lawsuits. Full story

Background Screening Developments in San Francisco and Alabama

The background check industry is constantly evolving as local, state and federal regulations are created, read the latest updates for the city of San Francisco and Alabama here. Full story

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