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The Nightmare of a Non-Background Check Policy

Not having a background screening policy can open up your company to litany of issues that can hamper a company's growth. Full story

The Why and How of Tailoring a Background Check to the Position

Tailoring background checks are absolutely critical to maintaining an efficient and effective background screening program. Full story

Background Screening for Interns, Volunteers and Temporary Workers, Is it Necessary?

Despite an intern's, volunteer's, or temp's short lived time in the workplace, an employer still carries the same legal responsiblity over these workers and should be screened before hand. Full story

“Ban the Box” is Not Necessary if Background Screening is Done Correctly

"Ban the Box" has a morally centered motive, but it creates more problems that it solves ultimately. Full story

The Problem with an Offshore Background Screening Workforce: Identity Theft

Choosing to offshore a workforce that will uses sensitive and highly private information is not only irresponsible, it may open the floodgates for identity theft. Full story

Are Applicants' Criminal Histories Indicative of Future Problems?

Are criminal histories indicative of future problems? The answer isn't a simple yes or no. Full story

An Employee is Intoxicated at Work, What Do You Do?

An intoxicated employee is one of the last things employer wants to face, but knowing what to do is critical to coming out of the incident unscathed. Full story

The Only Way to Deny a Job Candidate Employment: Adverse Action

Adverse actions serves as a legally compliant way to deny a job offer, while ensuring safety from any legal action. Full story

A Few of the Major "Do’s" and "Do Not’s" of Employment Background Screening

This article contains the "Do's" and "Do Not's" of the employment background screening industry. Full story

Employment Background Screening Facts and Statistics: Why it’s Necessary

Employment background screening simply is an essential part of any hire and the best example of why is in the numbers. Full story

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