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Education Verifications are an Essential Part of the Screening Process

Education verifications are the best way to weed out applicants claiming to have a degree they in fact do not. Full story

Pre-Employment Essentials: Academic Verifications, Employment Verifications, and Reference Checks

Academic Verifications, Employment Verifications and Reference Checks are the best way to look into a person's past to see if they are truly suitable for a desired position. Full story

Pre-Employment Background Checks are Gaining Popularity with Employers

Background checks are gaining wide acceptance among employers for a myriad of reasons. Read HireSafe's this blog relating to the issue to learn more. Full story

An Increasingly Prevalent Trend: Academic Fraud

The increasing prevalence of academic fraud requires the use of educational degree verification to truly know if an individual is authentically representing him or herself. Full story

Background Checks are Critical In School Hirings

Sending a child off to school can be one of the hardest things a parent must do, especially the first time. This article shows you how to best protect your chidren from the inherent dangers and risks of being cared for by strangers. Full story

THREE important statistics about resume fraud

Surprise! People lie. They will lie to themselves, their spouse, their mother and their dog…their dog! You can’t be naïve enough to think that you’ve earned some kind of immunity because of your status. Full story

How many job candidates lie about their education?

There seems to be a real disconnect between the public’s perception of resume fraud and the reality. Studies have shown that up to 41% of applicants lie about their educational qualifications. But many companies still do not perform education background checks due to stereotypes and misconceptions. Full story

Education Fraud: False perceptions about a widespread problem

Studies have shown that up to 41% of applicants lie about their educational qualifications while only 50-70% of companies verify these credentials. Additionally, many of these background checks are performed imperfectly by the employer and completed after the hire. Full story

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