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Can a Bad Background Check Lead to a Lawsuit?

A careful and accurate background check is a great business resource; however, sloppy, inaccurate and poorly executed background checks can be a huge risk for employers. Full story

An objective guide for choosing a background screening company

An objective guide for choosing the right employment background screening provider; step by step and unbiased, from planning to researching to executing and landing a great partner. Full story

Why are background checks necessary?

Are employment background checks neccesary? We make an impassioned argument and dispell certain myths about screening being too expensive or dangerous. Full story

Four Characteristics of a Successful Background Screening Program

In our industry experience, we’ve seen background screening programs evolve and successful trends emerge. This list features several of the traits that represent screening best practice. Full story

The Social Network Part 2: Should your company be screening on Facebook?

Social media can be a confusing landscape for employers. But it can be extremely beneficial to screen social media. Full story

Interview with Hiresafe President Al Firato Part 2

The most important aspect to do an employment background check is to truly identify who the applicant is. That is accomplished by using the documents that are available to us. Primarily, a social security number trace and a driving record verification. Full story

What About That Loaf of Bread I Stole In 10th Grade?

...employers aren’t scrutinizingly concerned about what went down your juvenile record, especially if they were sparse misdemeanors and you’ve made amends in your behavior since then Full story

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