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What an Applicant's Criminal Conviction Means for Employers in 2015

As society shifts so do the ways employers need to look at potential employees in 2015. Full story

Credit Reports and Their Usefulness in Select Hiring Decisions

Credit report's usage has already been limited in 10 states in regards to employment decisions and their decision is something the other 40 should definitely consider. Full story

Employment Background Screening Customer Service

Choosing an employment background screening that can answer questions of their clients is just as important as one that is compliant in local, state and federal regulations. Read more as to why in this blog. Full story

Academic Verifications, Are They Necessary?

Academic verifications are an absolute essential part of any hiring procedure where the qualifications involve academic degrees. Full story

Adverse Action Can Never be Ignored

Adverse Action is an absolutely necessary process when denying an applicant's job offer. Full story

How Drug Testing Allows Employers to be More Confident in Their Employees

Drug testing is a crucial compenent to ensure confidence in newfound employees. Full story

How Can an Applicant Tracking System Affect the Way an Employer Approaches Hiring?

What benefits do Applicant Tracking Systems provide employers? Full story

What an Applicant’s DUI Means for an Employer

How should employer's deal with an applicant with a DUI? Our blog discusses this issue. Full story

A Few Reasons to be Thankful for Background Screening This Thanksgiving

Spending time every Thanksgiving pondering over what to be thankful over should lead most employers to consider employment background screening, here's why. Full story

Social Media Background Checks in 2014 – Trust Us, It’s Time to Stop

Social media background checks are nothing but an open invitation to a lawsuit. Full story

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