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Criminal Databases Simply Aren’t Enough, Physical Records Are a Necessity

Any criminal conviction uncovered in an online database requires physical retrieval of the file from the specific county courthouse to remain compliant of FCRA regulations alonge with local, state and federal laws. Full story

In the Wake of the Heartbleed Bug, An Efficient and Effective Background Screening Company is Essential

Finding a reputable background screening provider is essential in these scary times, read our article for some tips and questions to answer before deciding on one. Full story

Why Background Checks are Necessary for Small Businesses

Small businesses require the help of employment background screening to protect their business from less than desirable employees. Full story

The Changing Legal Landscape for Criminal-Credit Background Screening

These new guidelines issued by the EEOC and FTC are must reads for any employers or applicants who are interested in either aisle of the employment process. Full story

Education Verifications are an Essential Part of the Screening Process

Education verifications are the best way to weed out applicants claiming to have a degree they in fact do not. Full story

The Benefits of a Background Screening Company with Licensed Investigators

Licensed investigators are the sure-tell sign of a reputable background screening company. Full story

The Importance of Tenant Screening to Landlords

Tenant screening is an essential part of finding the right tenant for any available properties for rent. Full story

5 Qualities of an Effective Background Screening Company

Here is a bullet point summary of what entails an effective and trustworthy background screening company. Full story

Income Verification - An Insight into Monetary Worth and Integrity

Income verifications offer insights into both an applicant's employment history and integrity. These small, but important checks are always coupled with our employment verifications to offer a more comprehensive and expansive view any job candidate. Full story

HireSafe’s BizScreen Suite

Small businesses require vendors, partnerships and most often outside contractors to truly thrive. HireSafe has created the BizScreen Suite with this in mind to allow room for growth, while remaining in peace of mind. Full story

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