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Should employers be allowed to screen job candidates based on their online behavior?

We all know that employers are getting savvy to social networking sites and the information we share online. Full story

What are the Weaknesses of an Education Verification?

There are Some schools that have policies prohibiting anyone other than the former student from accessing records like Name variations, incorrect or missing student numbers Full story

Are Free Background Checks Really Free?

The Truth about Free Background Check - Often I receive calls that are asking if we provide free background checks. My curious response may well be .... Full story

Making the FCRA work for you - Performing Compliant Background Checks

The growing need for employers to perform their proper due-diligence in the hiring process created the need for legislation to protect the rights of applicants and as a guideline of best practices” for employers. Full story

Employers must enforce drug-testing policies in a way that minimizes exposure to tort claims.

Employers seek additional protection for their human-resource investments through drug-testing programs. Full story

What’s the true purpose of employment background screening?

An employer has a responsibility to protect their business from the predatory actions of an unfit employee. During the interview process, the employer is forced to view the puzzle of the applicant with only the limited images supplied by the applicant. Full story

HP's Mark Hurd resigns amid sexual harassment investigation.

HP CEO to resign over sexual harassment charges Full story

The Great I-9 Debate: Re-Designing The Most Complicated One-Page Form In America

The Form i9 is very complicated. Full story

Judge Orders Subway Restaurant To Pay $27,000 For I-9 Violations

Huge fines intentional i9 violations. Full story

More Janitors Fired in Minn. after Immigration Audit

240 undocumented janitors fired Full story

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