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Introducing our FREE Applicant Tracking System and Ten Reasons you need an ATS

Like any good ATS, HireTrak allows you to manage your recruitment and hiring process through a singular platform. However, most sophisticated Applicant Tracking Systems come with a price tag. We’re so confident and excited about getting users on eCloudVesta that we’re not charging a cent. But why does your company need an ATS? Full story

Three Hilariously Awful Job Applicant Stories

A list compiled by your defense against hilariously awful job candidates - HireSafe Employment Background Screening including hungover candidates, inconceivable stupidity and the laughingstock of Wall Street Full story

What do you know about Hair-Testing for Drugs?

By analyzing a 1.5 inch hair follicle, researchers can determine illicit drug use for up to 90 days before the time of the test. This is a vast improvement over typical urine tests that may fail to detect narcotics only a few days after usage. The results: hair-tests accurately detect 4-8x as many positive results as urine-tests. Full story

Four Characteristics of a Successful Background Screening Program

In our industry experience, we’ve seen background screening programs evolve and successful trends emerge. This list features several of the traits that represent screening best practice. Full story

Do FREE online background checks exist?

Often, we receive calls asking if we provide free background checks. To us, the answer is obviously no; we provide something of significant value, of which we have the costly resources, and connections to conduct. How could we offer it for free? Because, as we are told and we see, there are a bunch of free background checks online. These businesses aren’t operating under different parameters and realities (besides quality) than us. So what gives? Full story

THREE important statistics about resume fraud

Surprise! People lie. They will lie to themselves, their spouse, their mother and their dog…their dog! You can’t be naïve enough to think that you’ve earned some kind of immunity because of your status. Full story

Increasingly More Workplace Fatalities are Homicides/Suicides – Department of Labor

Last week, the Department of Labor released a preliminary report on fatalities in the workplace. Their statistics matched an ongoing trend – since 2005, violence has accounted for an increasing amount of total workplace deaths. Even though total workplace fatalities have gone down, fatal assaults have not. In 2005, 13% of workplace fatalities were violent and that number ranged between 17% and 19% the last 3 years. Full story

An I-9 employment form horror story...could you be at risk for an audit?

If you're not careful, simple paperwork errors on your I-9 Employment forms can cause you to be audited. The best way to combat this risk is professional I-9 Solutions and the use of digital forms. Full story

How many job candidates lie about their education?

There seems to be a real disconnect between the public’s perception of resume fraud and the reality. Studies have shown that up to 41% of applicants lie about their educational qualifications. But many companies still do not perform education background checks due to stereotypes and misconceptions. Full story

Three HR Misconceptions about the hiring process

3 misconception that HR managers usually have about the hiring process. Including cutting recruiting when unemployment is high, integrity tests aren't effective, and small business shouldn't background screen. Full story

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