Hiring of accused pedophile rocks Albuquerque school system

Officials can’t explain why Martinez was hired without undergoing background checks that would have revealed he is facing child sex charges. (Denver Police) He was slated to be second-in-command at Albuquerque Public Schools, but Timothy Martinez has instead started the year as a fugitive on the run from police in two states before being captured…

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NAPBS View: Ban the Box Confusing – Boxes in Employers

Guest editorial by: Jennifer Gladstone  It seems like every single week we are announcing another state or jurisdiction adding or broadening their “Ban the Box” policies. They each have a slightly different name, and the details about which employers are included vary, but one by one, municipalities are being swept up in the ban the…

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What an Applicant’s Criminal Conviction Means for Employers in 2015

It’s a well understood fact that the United States’ population has the highest incarceration rate of any nation. More than 68 million Americans have some sort of criminal history and when it comes to getting employed, many face hurdles that prevent them from being hired and assimilating back into society.  While several states have seven…

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Credit Reports and Their Usefulness in Select Hiring Decisions

Many state legislators have already banned the use of credit checks in employment decisions, barring select positions. The reason being is that credit checks provide an insight into an applicant’s life that most employers simply do not need for employment reasons. It creeps over the boundary into an invasion of privacy that quite plainly isn’t…

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Employment Background Screening Customer Service

When searching for an employment background screening company, it’s important to find an organization that places a priority on both answering client’s questions and informing them on the important subject matter at a moment’s notice.  Even with a company that can send newsletters and updates to its clients, having the option of phoning the organization…

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Academic Verifications, Are They Necessary?

Are academic verifications really necessary? If an applicant can show a physical copy of their diploma doesn’t that mean they graduated? Well, it could, but that shouldn’t count for anything. With the rise of diploma mills, institutions which can simulate a variety of different, unique and most importantly fraudulent degrees from institutions across the country,…

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Adverse Action Can Never be Ignored

Adverse Action for pre-employment background checks is something that many companies seems to be ignoring as made evident the abundance of Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) class action lawsuits that sprang up in 2014. Adverse Action is the method in which an organization outlines its reasoning as to why an applicant may not be hired,…

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How Drug Testing Allows Employers to be More Confident in Their Employees

Drug screening plays a crucial part in hiring for around 70% of all organizations that bring on new employees and it’s no wonder why. Individuals whom abuse drugs are prone to behavior that can jeopardize a business’s efficiency and efficacy in their day-to-day operations. Having an employee whom obtains a DUI, is arrested for drug…

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How Can an Applicant Tracking System Affect the Way an Employer Approaches Hiring?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) like Taleo and HireList, to name a couple, create a platform to simply categorically sort through applicants. Instead of sorting through applicants one by one, looking through application after application, seeing unqualified candidate after candidate; ATSs remove that burden to fine the most qualified individuals instantly. ATSs are becoming more and…

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