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Fleet Manager: Driver Records Continuous Monitoring ...

Elk Grove, CA -- December 30, 2010 -- You own a company, or manage a division of a business, or maybe lead a government agency and you have responsibility for a motor vehicle fleet and the drivers that take the vehicles on the road. Sure, you screen everybody before you hire them, but what do you do to ensure that your drivers remain in compliance with your guidelines? That your drivers are still the safe drivers they were on their first day at work?

The solution is Fleet Manager, a unique risk mitigation solution that an employer can use to monitor the motor vehicle records of its drivers on a monthly basis. The service is offered by HireSafe based in Elk Grove, California. The company is offering Fleet Manager to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated organizations and businesses, and non-DOT businesses.

"Fleet Manager allows employers to take a more active role in monitoring employee driving records, and gives an employer a chance to take corrective actions or offer driver safety training that may reduce the risk of future accident involvement,". "Active screening of company drivers also helps eliminate any surprises that may occur during the annual MVR review process."

To enroll in the service, a motor carrier provides HireSafe with a list of current employees they wish to monitor on a monthly basis. HireSafe then searches state repositories for updated information on each driver's motor vehicle record, and notifies the carrier of any change to the record. Employers can update the list as needed to ensure only active drivers are screened each month.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all DOT-regulated businesses to perform annual MVR reviews on all drivers. This process is often time-consuming for motor carrier administrators, but use of the Fleet Manager service allows the motor carrier to extend the annual review date for an additional 11 or 12 months when a change on the employee's MVR has been identified.

"HireSafe developed Fleet Manager to reduce the administrative time associated with ordering and reviewing employee driving records, and to help prevent costly liability claims and damage to company property,". "But more importantly, we also recognize that using the Fleet Manager service gives employers the opportunity to quickly identify high risk drivers, which increases the level of safety for company drivers and other motorists."

The most comprehensive solution in employment screening is to combine the Fleet Manager with additional background screening services offered by HireSafe. The company provides criminal records searches, credit reports, employment and education verifications, drug testing, and other products which assist more than 3,000 customers across the U.S. in the transportation, retail, healthcare, insurance, and gaming industries.

For more information on HireSafe's Business services Fleet Manager service, visit www.hiresafe.com.

Established in 1997, HireSafe (www.hiresafe.com) is a world-wide provider of total client solutions in human resources, investigations, and security services to businesses, federal agencies and institutions. HireSafe offers a broad range of services including background investigations and drug screening solutions, security and related professional services, and national security related staffing and training. Headquartered in Elk Grove, California., HireSafe supports business operations in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and overseas.

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