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You’ve got a baby on your hip—he’s spitting up formula like a milk-spewing gargoyle. Your toddler’s shrieking like a banshee, moored at your ankles. There’s laundry on the couch and a dog on the laundry and fleas on the dog and the clock reads 9:01—you’re late for work.

You need a nanny.

Pick up the phone, dial the nice old lady from two blocks down, cross your fingers... On second thought. You’ve only met her a couple times; her face is still fuzzy in your memory—no kidding, all you remember is a unibrow.

Do you call?

The process of finding the perfect nanny can seem like a lost cause. You want someone able-bodied but tender, reinforcing yet flexible. And above all: trustworthy.

Here’s where HireSafe can help.

The background check programs we offer aren’t a “one size fits all” deal. At HireSafe, we don’t believe in blanket solutions; each situation calls for a unique approach—a challenge we have taken upon ourselves to accommodate with precision and professionalism.

Our nanny screening package will equip you with the credentials and resources to evaluate potential caretakers for integrity and suitability. Profitable corporations utilize our background screening services for obvious reasons, but why should your closest and most loved ones deserve any less? HireSafe has long understood that quality assurance isn’t just restricted to businesses: it’s applicable to all aspects of life.

Quality assurance, quality life.

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