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Save Money by Leasing an Audi

If you are the consummate business person, you would know that sometimes, investing in a particular “look” adds a certain dimension to your business. You would want a certain kind of appeal – particularly in the perspective of your current and future patrons. Riding around town in a Jaguar (or any other sports / luxury car) is definitely a way too excessive. Too flashy a car, and your market may actually think that you are doing business with them because you are after a quick sale or quick transaction. It basically screams, “Don’t trust me! I earn more money that I than I should.” Similarly, going from one business to the other in a battered down pick-up truck is like saying, “I have not learned to manage my finances quite yet.” Our advice: drive something that is relatively affordable, but can still afford you a professional looking car. An Audi is always a safe bet. This car is not particularly flashy, but certainly world’s away from the prettiest pick up. Now, we can hear those head gears turning with objection. We know for a fact that an Audi does not exactly come cheap, nor can you really ask for one from a loved one to fit into a Christmas stocking. Not to worry there is actually a great way of getting your hands on one. No, we are not talking about going to a dealer and buying a used Audi. Those things may come with more problems than they are actually worth. On the other hand, renting an Audi whenever business springs up can be counterproductive. After all, what would happen if you have business transactions in different parts of the town everyday? Car leasing, in this case: Audi leasing is the best option for a business person on a budget. Most Audi that are usually being leased out are in tip top condition. Some may even be brand new. At the very least, you can choose from the Audi models available from your dealer to make sure that your get the best looking car in the lot. For many people, Audi leasing is a better option than actually buying a car. Since most lease warranties cover MOT testing and fees, not to mention taxes and the availability of spare parts, you can basically drive away from the lot a free man (or woman, for that matter.) The dealership also makes sure that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car in question, since car maintenance is supposed to be part of the deal (theirs.) So what is Audi leasing? This process is quite simple and relatively painless. You go to car dealers who provide leasing services, and you pick your choice of vehicle. Right now the Audi II Roadster (2008) is the hottest ticket in town. You then agree to pay a monthly fee for the use of the car over a span of 2 to 4 years. Some dealership may even agree to a lesser time period depending on your prior agreement. After the specified time, you can do one of these things.One: you could return the car to the dealer and choose another one to drive off with. Basically, you lease another car under your name – perhaps a newer Audi model or even a different car make which you think you will like driving around in, for the next few months. Two: if you like the car so much, you could extend the lease. The maximum time for the second lease would still be for four years. Lastly: if you think the Audi you have now is the car for you, some dealers would give you the option to finally buy the car.

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