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Drug Testing Myths

Many employers are reluctant to perform drug testing of prospective or current employees. However, many of the myths and questions surrounding screening programs are being dispelled as more and more companies recognize the need to institute a testing program. Below, we attempt to distinguish between those myths and reality.

Drug Testing Myths

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  • Myth: What employees choose to do on their own free time doesn’t affect my bottom line.

  • Myth: Only blue collar and low- level workers use illegal drugs. We don’t need to test our professional and management- level employees.

  • Myth: We don’t need to test for illegal use of drugs.

  • Myth: We are an at-will employer. If we hear of someone who is using illegal drugs, we can quickly terminate them.

  • Myth: Pre-employment drug testing will frighten candidates away from our company.

  • Myth: Drug testing is inconvenient and complicated.

  • Myth: Drug testing is cumbersome and will slow down the hiring process.

  • Myth: Drug testing is an illegal practice that is an invasion of privacy.

  • Myth: My Union labor contract does not allow drug testing.

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