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Education Background Check

Education Background Check

The safety and protection of students is an absolute moral requirement within the education industry. Unfortunately many state’s background check process for educators falls short of giving school districts a full picture of a new academic teacher’s criminal background check. While the checks warn the state and districts of any felony convictions that would eliminate a teacher from an education certification,  many currently don’t share information on misdemeanor convictions.

The HireSafe comprehensive education employment background check program will reveal all criminal convictions associated with an applicant teacher, academic, administrator or
janitor. Providing a safe and secure workplace is the responsibility of every employer.

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Are you paying for talent that is not being delivered? That's exactly what happens when academic qualifications are falsified. The talent and experience  that is not part of the applicant's true skills set will never be part of your product development, putting your business at a competitive disadvantage!

Risk mitigation begins with identifying potential problems BEFORE they occur. HireSafe's comprehensive education background checking solutions work fast to help you rule out those who might not suit your academic values while identifying potential employees who will best fit your requirements. The proximity of working with the public requires that a Sex Offender and criminal records search be conducted at a minimum.

A recent concern in hiring is the nationwide trend in the use of diploma mills. A diploma mill is a fictitious educational institution. It is a company set up to appear as an educational institution. For a nominal fee, an individual can purchase an educational degree or certificate and receive it within two weeks. We have seen certified nursing degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees and other occupational certificates. Click here for more information

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