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Background Screening is a Regulated Industry

The states and territories of the USA contain numerous employment laws and regulations that impact the background check and drug screening industry. Compliance is not optional, so HireSafe constantly monitors changes and updates that direct action in our industry. Our communication network keeps our clients up-to-date about changes that will effect their business. As a Human Resources partner, HireSafe maintains a consultative approach to support the needs of our clients. 

Legal Links

HRCalifornia.com - Labor Law Compliance Information from the California Chamber of Commerce

Findlaw.com Business Law Center for Human Resources

Employment Law Information Network

AHI's Employment Law Resource Center

Law.com Employment Law Page

National Employment Lawyers Association

Attorney Corporate Services

Please Take Note:
We are not lawyers, and we are not dispensing legal advice. We are merely reading the legal data for its' face value and common understanding. Competent labor law attorney's should be consulted before any decisions are made.


Government Resources & Agencies

The United States Department of Labor eLaw Advisors

United States Department of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statistics

State & Local Government on the Net


State Government Resources

Federal Government Resources

Library of Congress

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