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Pre-Employment Criminal Background Checks Done Right!

All pre-employment background screening and checks are NOT the same! HireSafe offers legally compliant CA Employee Background Checks and Pre-Employment Background Screening, a complete Drug Testing and Screening program and Attidinual Integrity Assessment Profiles for a full-line approach to pre-employment background screening. Our goal is to be your complete hiring solution center for pre-screening and checking an applicants' background for hidden criminal records, use of illicit drugs and their attitudinal evaluation. HireSafe is a Designated Agent approved by the Department of Homeland Security to offer the new E-Verify Legal Right to Work employment verification. Pre-Employment Background Checking is a “best-practice” for any business, large or small.

Our Criminal Background Checks & Screening will protect your business

We'll guide you safely through the hiring maze...

Here's what set's us apart from many others:

  • Compliant Background Checks priced right
  • Nationwide criminal screening and driving records
  • We are CA Licensed & Insured for your protection
  • No monthly fees, membership or contracts
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service
  • Single source for criminal checks & drug testing
  • Online 24/7 ordering with results summarization
  • Flexible ordering and viewing permission levels
  • We don't offshore any of our order fulfillment

Online Real-Time Report Monitoring

For CA compliant pre-employment screening and criminal background checks, our approach is a very simple and logical one. The Basic Profile will provide an onsite county criminal report for $24.00. The Essential Profile is our most popular background check core component used to find criminal records and is an appropriate level of due diligence background check report for the vast majority of employment positions being filled. As the level of responsibility that a position holds increases, the background checks, screening and scrutiny of that applicant must also increase to fit the job responsibility being filled. Position-appropriate levels of elevated background screening and fact-checking can be added to the Essential Profile report for a customized background check. Additional applicant pre-employment screening and checking services include: employment credit reports, academic and previous employer verification, Worker's Compensation records, statewide and international criminal conviction record checks.

No Contracts — No Monthly Service Fees — No Ordering Minimums

When considering investors, partners or key people for executive positions, the proper due diligence check and background screening is our Executive Comprehensive Profile. No significant financial decision involving another person should be consummated without FIRST completing this extensive background check research.

Our industry-specific packages are designed to meet the criminal background check and screening needs of the following types of businesses: Courier, Messenger & Delivery, Transportation, for Nanny’s and Home Care Providers and the Construction industry (The Builders Exchange).

Employee retention and job-fit are critical to controlling Human Resources expenses. Frequent rehiring and retraining are a waste of employment resources and can be minimized with the application of our Attitudinal Integrity Assessment Profile program. Hire the right person for the right job, the first time.

Experienced, Reputable, Knowledgeable and Licensed. A rare combo!

Illicit drug use by employees while at work is at epidemic levels. Employee drug abuse while working directly impacts the safety record, productivity and profitability of any business that is infected. Our Employment Drug Testing program will address the drug screening needs of all employers, large and small. The drug testing and background checking laws in CA are different than most of the nation, so compliance is critical.

Landlords face a tremendous problem if they allow undesirables to move into their property. Getting a tenant with a dangerous criminal background out of a rental property can be a nightmare, so check them first and don't let them in! Our unique Tenant Background Check program includes the Tenant Scorecard™ for fast and accurate background check and screening decisions.

All of the pre-employment background checks, research and screening that we conduct are legal and fully compliant for CA and with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. All of our pre-employment background checks and screening are fast and cost-effective. When background screening forms are necessary, we provide them to you. Your protection starts by working only with a compliant vendor whom knows and understands the complexities of the background screening laws. Read  How to evaluate and select your Background Screening Vendor.

You tell us what your needs are, and we will find an employment background check and screening solution for you. We are CA criminal background screening and checking professionals, and one of the pioneers of the background screening industry. Pre-Employment Background Checking is not just for big businesses--every business will benefit and protect themselves from employee liability with pre-employment background checking.

This is NOT an area in which to trust amateurs or beginners.

Call us and talk to a knowledgeable real live person!  888-792-4473

As a licensed Private Investigator by the CA Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, and fully insured for professional liability, we can honestly offer you the highest degree of background screening security and safety available. We know what we are doing, and we proudly do it very well. CA law is stricter than all other states, so it makes sense to work with a professional company whom provides only top level service and understands the complexity of background screening and checks in CA. Review our InstaScreen Security Overview that safeguards data for our online background checking and screening program. Background checking done right from people who know how to legally conduct pre-employment background checks in CA. Don’t trust the safety of your employees to “virtual” background screening companies and checking companies with no CREDIBILITY, PHYSICAL ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER!

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An employment criminal background screening check reports that include all counties of residence and driving records is the best defense that an employer can have to minimize employee risk and liability from their employee.

HireSafe provides only CA compliant pre-employment background checks and screening, county courthouse document searches for criminal records, credit reports, driving records, drug testing and background checking. We utilize only trained court researchers who understand the intricacies of each of the more than 3,600 county courthouses in the USA for accurate criminal background checking.

Compliance with Federal and State pre-employment background checks and screening laws is not optional.  The failure of an employer to comply with federal and their state background check and screening laws have consequences, with their penalties can being swift and severe.  You don’t want to gamble with your financial future. Leave this to the background screening professionals who understand the background check and drug testing laws which will keep you compliant.

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