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Extended Workforce Profile - A HireSafe BizScreen Solution to fit your needs

Extended Workforce Profile


Average time to complete this report:

2-3 days


Your extended workforce, consisting of contractors, temporary staff, professional consultants and other independent service providers, must be held to the same screening standards as your permanent workforce. When you bring people into your organization, you open yourself up to opportunity, and also to risk. HireSafe has developed vendor screening solutions that help employers maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks associated with external relationships.

We'll keep you compliant with the FCRA when a criminal record is found. Database criminal record verification is required with this report and additional county court search fees may apply.


  • County Courthouse Criminal Record Search(one search)*
  • Federal District Criminal Record Search (one search)
  • National Database Criminal Record Search (one search)
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search(one search)
  • Terrorist Watch List / OFAC Report
  • Social Security Number Validation
  • Address History
  • Alias names Listed
  • FBI Specific Criminal Activity

Background check-Notes * Please note that our pricing excludes potential court imposed fees for accessing county records, state MVR fees or potential surcharges imposed by employers or educational institutions for reviewing their records.

HireSafe BizScreen Pricing Matrix
  Optional Searches Price
   Alias Name County Criminal Record Search $19.00 each*
   Alias Name National Criminal Database Record Search $19.00 each*
   Additional County Courthouse Criminal Record Search $19.00 core price
   Federal District Criminal Record Search Included with County Civil Search
   Federal District Civil Court Record Search included with County Civil search
   County Civil Court Record Search $29.00 core price
   Professional Licensure Verification $18.00
   Judgments and Tax Liens $19.00
   Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) $10.00 plus state fee
   Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions Report (HHS/OIG/GSA/FACIS) $14.00 per name
   Substance Abuse/5-Panel Drug Testing $52.00

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