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HireSafe is aware of the rapid growth and heightened security needs of the medical field and health care industry. Health Care background checks are now more necessary and valuable than ever.

We have 16 years of experience working in the health care industry providing professional, reliable, and compliant health care background checks and drug screening. HireSafe wants to protect patient and employee safety and ensure that all outsourced services are conducted by secure and reputable companies. As we've covered on the HireSafe blog, there exists a disturbing trend of 3rd party data sourcing leading to fraudulent or compromised patient information.  


Health Care Industry Screening Challenges


The health care industry requires some of the most comprehensive background checks of any industry. Because of these strict health care background check requirements, health care screening usually require more background checks per applicant than other industries. HireSafe helps our healthcare clients meet their background check needs by providing the most cost-effective employment screening services available. Per your requirements, we can customize search packages to meet both your needs and your budget. As the health care industry faces increasingly stringent controls surrounding data security and patient privacy, the need to form the right partnerships and alliances to manage risk also grows. 

Solutions Tailored to Healthcare


Risk mitigation begins with identifying potential problems BEFORE they occur. HireSafe's comprehensive background checking solutions work fast to help you rule out those who might not suit your company’s values while identifying potential employees who will best fit your requirements. The proximity of working with the public requires that a Sex Offender and criminal records search be conducted at a minimum.

We welcome all medical field and health care industry background check inquiries and are uniquely suited to handle its specific compliances and challenges. Additionally, HireSafe is for the time being offering a free applicant tracking system via our patner eCloudVesta.

Contact us below for more information and consider HireSafe as your health care background check provider.


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Via HireSafe Blog: 5 Best Practices for Health Care Background Checks



HireSafe has 16 years of experience in Health Care Background Checks. It’s one of our most knowledgeable and familiar industries. Because of the magnitude and realities of the Health Care field, there is an immense need for quality background screening practices. Here are five that we think are necessary for a good Health Care screening program.

5. Ensure accurate and secure data sourcing

Forget about traditional medical fraud; there’s an entirely new kind. A survey by Kroll Advisory Solutions last year revealed something; the increase of third party data sourcing in health care has led to a lot of bad information.

They reported that over three million people’s records were compromised by paperwork theft and over one million people’s records were lost. Needless to say, even if these figures are just somewhat accurate, there needs to be some changes. You should always background check and research data companies with careful scrutiny.

4. Avoid negligent hiring lawsuits with criminal background checks

Negligent hire lawsuits cost millions to the medical field. Of course, this litigation is a main reason insurance rates are so high. In one example, the 2002 case of Gurtin vs. Nurse Connection, et. al. cost the defendants over $40 million.

How do you avoid negligent hires? Don’t skimp on background checks. This means criminal history background checks, verifications, drug screening and possibly integrity tests. These are all proven ways to lower the risk of hiring dangerous candidates.

3. Verify employment histories and references

Even more important than crippling litigation is the safety of your employees and patients. You have a duty of care to avoid nightmare situations like the employment of Charles Cullen who in 2003 confessed to killing 40 patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey hospitals. He was fired five separate times for suspicious acts such as giving out unscheduled dosages of medicine and randomly entering a patient’s room with syringes. This information was documented; however, there wasn’t even an internal investigation!

2. Don’t rely solely on Government Sanction Lists

The OIG has regulations and compliances in place to prevent health care organizations from hiring previously sanctioned workers.

They provide official sanction lists for organizations to use. But too often, health care providers use this information as its only background screening tool.

This is incredibly foolish. OIG does not recognize criminal histories and other risk factors that are critical to proper background screening.

1. Have a thorough drug-testing program

Of course, the medical field is an innately high-risk one for obvious reasons. The access and proximity to prescription drugs only heightens the risks.

A study of over 6500 registered nurses showed that 1.3% either tested positive for drugs or perpetrated drug fraud.

And there exists a litany of examples of doctors forging prescriptions or operating under their own (often illicit prescription-based) addictions.

People aren’t perfect. But by having a specifically-tailored, thorough and compliant drug-testing program, you can lower the risk of employee abuse and fraud. You owe that to your organization, your patients, and your industry.


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