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Human Resources Support

Human Resources management is a vital tool for emerging business that is often overlooked in the rush to generate sales. However HR is a vital tool providing a safety-net guarding the gates to your business while developing your most important asset...your employees. Great employees will create a great company, while second-tier employee’s will leave you trailing your competition. In this fast-paced world where client accusation is so expensive, a second-rate staff is simply not acceptable. Professional HR management services provide preventive and proactive tools and resources to companies to help them avoid fines, penalties and catastrophic employment situations.

Whether your HR needs are extensive or simple, there is an outsourced solution available to assist with your day-to-day operational needs. Some of those needs might be:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Workplace Harassment Investigation
  • Policies & Procedures Development & Review
  • Compliance Guidance for federal and state compliance
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Compensation & Benefit Benchmarking
  • Performance Appraisal System Design & Implementation
  • Job Analysis/Job Descriptions/Compensation Plan Design & Implementation

HR scaled to fit your Needs

HireSafe has had the privilege of working with many companies during our 13+ years of business. During that time, two strategic partners have consistently provided our clients with exceptional support and demonstrated service in the Human Resources field. Those two valued partners are:

California Employers Association and  HR Ideas

Both of them provide strong support and professional guidance for the often confusing world of Human Resources as practiced in California. At the same time, both of them approach the marketplace with different strengths and advantages. We urge you to speak to both organizations in order to find the right partner “fit” for your unique business needs. To visit their website, click on their respective links below:     

                                 CA Employers Association                   HR Ideas
                                  call: 800-399-5331                                call: 925-556-4404

We have worked closely with both of these Human Resources partners for many years and unequivocally recommend both of them. Regardless of which you ultimately choose you’ll be in the right hands and well taken care of.

Payroll Systems

More than just a payroll solution, Payroll Systems offers tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes with dedicated customer service provided by experienced professionals. From payroll processing to integrated solutions incorporating payroll, benefits administration, human resources, and time and attendance, we have the answer for your organization.

Payroll Systems reduces employer costs, liability, and administrative burden through integrated solutions. Advantages include:

  • Flexible and comprehensive solutions that organize, integrate, and simplify complex business processes
  • Liability reduction through diligent compliance systems, support, and oversight
  • Accurate and reliable processing and reporting
  • Secure data management and transactions

Payroll Systems online service or talk to a real person on the phone... call: 925-939-6214

                                                             Payroll Systems

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