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Employment Background Checks
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Human Resource Support

All pre-employment background screening and checks are NOT the same! HireSafe offers legally compliant CA Employee Background Checks and Pre-Employment Background Screening for all Human Resource departments. Which comes complete with Drug Testing, a Screening program and Attitudinal Integrity Assessment Profiles for a full-line approach to pre-employment background screening. Our goal is to be your complete Human Resource support services solution center for pre-screening and background checking, which uncovers an applicants' background for hidden criminal records, use of illicit drugs and their attitudinal evaluation. HireSafe is a Designated Agent approved by the Department of Homeland Security to offer the new E-Verify Legal Right to Work employment verification. Pre-Employment Background Checking is a “best-practice” for any business, large or small.

Solutions Tailored to your Industry

You have specific requirements that need to be satisfied and important regulations that govern your industry. HireSafe understands what's required and can help you maintain compliance and employ best practices in your screening efforts. Please select your criterion from the Solutions menu on your left.

A reliable, single source for all of your employment screening needs:

  • Compliance Audit (Rest & Meal Period; Sexual Harassment; Job Misclassification; Illegal Workers)
  • Outsourced HR Management
  • Needs Assessments
  • Hiring Tax Credits (WOTC)
  • FCRA Compliance Service
  • Adverse Action Service
  • Worker’s Comp/OSHA Safety Audit
  • CEA Training Seminars

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