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A Genuine Criminal Background Check with Tenant ScoreCard

The wrong tenants can easily become a nightmare if you don’t know their past. After they are in, it’s often too late. So be proactive!

Only HireSafe offers advanced Private Investigator quality protection for Tenant Screening! Don’t trust amateurs to do a professional job.

Social Security Number Report
The Social Security Fraud data enables you to identify potentially fraudulent activity or identity theft associated with an applicant's Social Security number. HireSafe will automatically flag Social Security Numbers of deceased individuals as well as those issued within the past 5 years (potentially stolen from children).

Address History
The address search is powered by a database that pulls address information from many sources, including postal address records, financial institutions, utility service providers, and many more. The result is a more comprehensive and up-to-date picture of where the applicant is moving from and where they have lived.

Sex & Violent Offender National Registry Search
While there are state laws restricting where a Registered Sex Offender may live wouldn’t it be nice to know about this BEFORE you hand over the keys?

TransUnion™ Credit Evaluation Report
In compliance with the TransUnion's consumer information protection requirements, HireSafe is unable to provide small landlords with a full credit report. In its' place, HireSafe has developed the Tenant True Scorecard, an easy-to-use and understand credit evaluation solution scale based on our 12+ years of experience in evaluating credit for millions of rental tenants. An applicant's "Credit Risk" will be given one of the following ratings: Minimal, Elevated, or Serious. The ratings are based upon:
tenant screening

  • Income to Rent ratio
  • Income to Debt ratio
  • Income to Debt including Rent ratio
  • Credit score high/low range
  • Delinquent/Collection/Charge Off accounts
  • Bankruptcy records

Statewide Eviction Records

Within each respective state, databases are searched for landlord and tenant cases where suits are filed or are pending, as well as non-monetary judgments (forcible entry/unlawful detainer). Our reports contain all of the defendants involved, plaintiff, particular comments on the case, suits or petitions filed, or judgments.

OFAC - US Treasury Department Database
This information is compiled by the U.S. Department of Treasury. This listing contains the names and description of known terrorists, as well as individuals identified as threats to the United States interests and security. This information may also include individuals involved in narcotics trafficking and organized crime.

National Criminal Profile Report
This report is a multi-state instant criminal search against all repositories included within the proprietary database. Included in this dynamic background report are over 245 million criminal database records from all states and the District of Columbia, incarceration records and state Department of Justice criminal records from all participating states and territories. NOTE: Before an adverse decision is made based upon criminal records found in ANY database report, an onsite county criminal record is required to be in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Separate search fees per county will apply.

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