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Attitudinal Integrity Assessment Profiles

Finding the right fish in the sea is a challenge...we can help!

HireSafe Employee Selection, Development and Retention program

Finding -- and keeping -- good employees is a challenge all growing businesses face. It all starts with hiring the best applicants possible and making sure they can successfully integrate into the company. To help, HireSafe offers a complete internet-based integrity assessment for evaluating applicants in sixteen different dimensions.

With the HireSafe MultiPanel Integrity Assessment System, new opportunities have been created for companies to hire the best people for the positions you have available. As a special note, HireSafe's MultiPanel Integrity Assessment System is based entirely on the Overt Integrity approach: There are no personality-based questions -- every question is based on work-related attitudes in a workplace setting.

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There Is No “Silver Bullet” for Hiring , But Getting the Right People Takes The Right Tools
Success in business depends on hiring the right people. Sometimes, success also depends on NOT hiring the wrong people. 

The trick is sorting out who should and who should not be hired. Anyone who has been around knows there is no “silver bullet.”  It takes a variety of prudent business practices, which can include proper interviewing skills, calling references and background checks. 

Know the 6 personality types

There is one other area that is crucial using integrity assessments to get to know the attitudes and behaviors of the applicants that are predictive of their conduct on the job, their work habits and how to coach them successfully.

Targeted Largest Employee Group

Finally, there is a comprehensive integrity assessment tool for the largest group of employees: the hourly, entry level, office and general labor groups. It works well with first line supervisory positions and lower/midlevel management positions. The HireSafe MultiPanel Attitudinal Assessment System is adaptable as an executive level assessment instrument.


Due diligence requires companies to develop as much information about potential employees as quickly as possible to make a rapid but prudent hiring decision. We help by expanding the amount of "intelligence" that can be known about the individual in a very short amount of time.

Our vision is to enable any hiring authority, from any location, Integrity Assessment Profilesto administer an overt integrity assessment that has been custom-tailored for that particular position and receive the results instantly. Through the use of our assessments in position profiling, the likelihood of matching candidates to the position and developing an effective coaching/development strategy is enhanced. Generally speaking, our assessments are not intended for executive level or professional hiring purposes, but are an excellent fit for the general workplace environment.

From the perspective of content, our focus is on overt integrity instruments, or attitudinal and behavior oriented, workplace-related assessments to aid companies in the initial pre-employment aspect of the selection, development and retention of good employees. We believe that good employees start with good hires.

Technologically, we focus on interactive, real-time communications, which are powered by one-to-one database driven technologies and development strategies to enhance our competitive offerings.

HireSafe MultiPanel Workplace Integrity & Attitudinal Assessment System

Think of it as a Mental Background Check!

Sixteen Dimension Assessments
Ubiquitous Access with Real Time Results

The HireSafe MultiPanel Assessment System was designed with every employer in mind. Prospective employees can take the assessment over an Internet connection or over the telephone. Reports are generated immediately, and can be accessed by the hiring authority as soon as the telephone is hung up or the last question has been answered on the Internet.

Reports That Make a Difference

With the HireSafe MultiPanel Internet Reporting System you get the numbers, color graphs and written comments that focus on the Action Orientation of the individual and Coaching Tips -- a valuable tool provided with each of the eight positive indicators to help picture how the applicant might fit in to your work environment. Telephone reports are succinct, fast and like all HireSafe assessment products -- available immediately. See a sample report below.

Fully Validated

Each "panel" (what some psychologists call a "form" or "factor") is fully validated, and a copy of the validation reports is available in Adobe Acrobat format. See Below:

No Software, No Hardware, No Clicks, No Gimmicks and No Waiting!

Up to now, assessments required computers, "dongles" that fit on the printer port, diskettes or software to be installed, faxing of assessments to be scored these all amount to hurdles or barriers to ease of use. With the integration of relational database engines, real-time scoring/reporting, computer telephony and Internet technologies, your ability to access in taking and reporting assessment results is done without the need for software, special hardware, or downloads of report "clicks". Even the Internet component was designed to be compatible with "old" browsers. What this means is that an office desk phone, a pay phone or a cell phone can be used to take any of our assessment instruments. For those who use telephone access, summary reports are immediately available via telephone. Those who use the Internet to give an assessment can see a robust report as soon as the applicant completes the last question. "Real time...All the time!" Without taking your time to install software, calculate "clicks", move "dongles" to new machines, fax in assessments and wait for scores to come back. Just simple, instant access and immediate results.

No Muss -- No Fuss -- No Delays


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  • Assertiveness:

  • Influence:

  • Steadiness / Dependability:

  • Attention to Detail (Gestalt):

  • Work Pace (Kinesthetic):

  • Customer Service:

  • Energy:

  • Supervisor Attitude:


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  • Theft / Honesty:

  • Drug Avoidance:

  • Violence / Emotion:

  • Diversity:

  • Risk / Safety:

  • Tenure:

  • Dependability:

  • Customer / Supervisor Views:

Integrity Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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