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Janitorial Background Checks


HireSafe works closely with companies in the janitorial and maintenance industry to ensure complete background screening solutions that are appropriate for the established goals and needs.

Our experience and understanding of the unique challenges and concerns surrounding the janitorial and maintenance enables us to design and implement an employment background screening program that brings the right people in, the first time.

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Solutions For Janitorial Background Screening

HireSafe provides solutions to all sizes of organizations and can tailor reports, billing, and orders based on the unique needs of each business.

HireSafe understands your need to mitigate risk, reduce shrinkage and ensure customer safety in your organization. HireSafe's comprehensive background checking solutions work fast to help you rule out those who might not suit your company’s values while identifying potential employees who will best fit your requirements. The proximity of working with the public requires that a Sex Offender and criminal records search be conducted at a minimum. This is of paramount importance when conducting Janitor Background Checks, as the industry requires employees to work in close proximity to other people, notably children.

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