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Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

Motor Vehicle Records supply vital information necessary for accurate criminal record reporting. The two critical components are a verified legal name and verified date-of-birth. Without these important identifiers an accurate criminal court search is vulnerable to false information that was supplied by the applicant as being the search criterion. Also, the Motor Vehicle Records provide verification of driving privilege, potential other names used for identification verification (AKAs), and physical description. 

This report will also include information about suspended licenses, failures to appear in court, and arrest warrants. In addition, drug and alcohol related driving offenses may serve as a warning of potential substance abuse problems. In some states, convictions of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not revealed on the criminal record and are placed on the Motor Vehicle Record. Because driving records are held in state bureaus and have access to all counties in the state and sometimes other states, they can be very useful for general screening for employment purposes.

Common uses:

  •  Instant results from most jurisdictions 
  •  All 50 US states/territories and Canadian Motor Vehicle Records available from all province's 
  •  The best solution for verifying an applicant's' DOB
  •  Provides verification of the applicant's legal name
  •  Driving records are an excellent indicator of character to judge for employment

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