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Drug Testing and Health Screening

If you are looking for an intelligent, single-point solution for all of your drug testing and health screening needs, then look no further. HireSafe can provide you with comprehensive onsite, lab-based and multi-panel solution that combines your choice of testing methods with best practice processes.

HireSafe offers a nationwide administration of employee drug and alcohol testing programs that strictly adhere to federal and state guidelines. With approximately 11,000 DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) certified and trained collection sites, HireSafe has one of the largest collection networks in the nation. We are able to provide drug testing using hair, urine or saliva samples. Additionally, we offer an MRO Service (Medical Review Officer), computerized, random testing schedules and comprehensive training for all of our programs. We can help you design and implement a drug testing program to meet the individual needs of employment within your company and help you manage the changing needs of the state and federal requirements.

Online and Integrated with Your Background Report

With HireSafe, you get to leverage our on-demand drug screening management solution, HireSafe Enterprise, and utilize an online account for drug test order initiation, tracking and results. All HireSafe drug and health screening services can be ordered through any one of our on-demand solution platforms and all results are integrated with our easy-to-read background screening reports. Now, you’ll be able to review the results of the drug test and background check on a given candidate in one place to determine if employment is a suitable option.

HireSafe provides the following tests, exams and programs:


  •  Urine Drug Testing
  •  Saliva Drug Drug Testing
  •  Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Testing
  •  Hair Drug Testing
  •  Physicals – Department of Transportation (DOT) and Non-DOT
  •  Vaccines
  •  Vision / Hearing
  •  Lift Tests

Programs (DOT & Non-DOT):

  •  Pre-employment Drug Testing
  •  Instant Drug Testing
  •  On-site Drug Testing
  •  Post-accident Drug Testing
  •  Random Drug Testing
  •  Reasonable Cause Drug Testing
  •  Return to Duty Drug Testing

Other Services:

  •  Policy Development
  •  Collection Site Identification
  •  On-site Collection Training
  •  Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  •  DOT Controlled Substance Abuse and Alcohol Form
  •  Expert Witness Testimony
Drug Training               

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