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MVR Fleet Manager

Keeping up with a workforce on the move requires diligence, and you have to be vigilant to keep up with daily changes occurring in the field. HireSafe offers a solution to help you stay current and informed about changes soon after they occur. This new program is designed for non-mandated drivers as well as commercial drivers license holders.

The HireSafe MVR Fleet Manager program is an automated monitoring system that informs you of recent changes to an employee’s driving record. Using a roster of active drivers, MVR Fleet Manager provides a report of drivers with recent MVR changes. Medical certificates, expiring licenses and document management make this desktop program a time and effort saver. Annual, quarterly or monthly automatic MVR pulls can be tailored to your individual needs. By obtaining this information in advance of the annual MVR review, a driver can take the steps to resolve any potential issues and you can identify problems and take corrective action before it becomes a serious liability.

Common uses:

  •  Saves time when ordering and reviewing employee driving records
  •  Keeps you current by notifying you of changes to an employee’s driving record
  •  Prevents costly liability claims and damage to company property

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