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Our Employees Certifed by HireSafe Background Checks

HireSafe Background Check Certifications are rapidly becoming a Best Practice for well managed organizations providing significant benefits to applicants, employees, customers, the public, investors, and contributors.

What Comprehensive HireSafe Background Screening Says about An Employer

  • The employer is careful about who is hired. The employer invests in hiring the best employees. The employer conducts more than a basic criminal record check. The employer checks such things as Employment History, Educational and Professional License claims, and other pertinent records, such as Wants & Warrants, Driving Records, and Sex Offender Registries.
  • The employer is committed to follow the State and Federal Laws related to background checks.
  • The employer is committed to protect the applicant’s privacy and protect any personal information collected.
  • The employer strives for a safe workplace.

What this Means to YOU

  • Applicants -- This means you will not be competing against applicants who have lied about their experience and credentials. This employer is well managed and is willing to invest in quality employees.
  • Employees -- This means your employer wants a safe workplace, is well managed, and is willing to invest in its employees.
  • Customers and the Public -- This means that this organization has made an important investment in hiring honest and capable people who are qualified to help you. This organization is committed to protect any information you disclose from the prying eyes of dishonest employees etc.
  • Investors and Contributors -- Only the best managed organizations invest in thorough background checks. It is a clear sign that the management of the organization knows and acts on the knowledge that human resources are an extremely valuable asset of any organization, and that background checks have one of the highest Return on Investments that can be made.

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