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Background Screening - Partnership

Partner Overview

Working Together to Make a Difference

HireSafe's through the years has partnered with organizations and businesses looking to smooth out their operations to focus solely on delivering a better experience to increase their customer satisfaction. This partnership allows HireSafe to deliver our background screening services through our partner's own business method, which allows them to market our employment screening in whichever way is most suitable for them. This partnership is mutually beneficial for both us and our partners as it allows for an exchange in both business for HireSafe and an added branch of services guised under the partner's operating name.

Conversely, HireSafe is also in need of vendors of other services that fall under the category of employment screening services. These services are not limited to drug screening, HR outsourcing, payroll assistance, applicant tracking systems and much more! HireSafe has an ideology that a community of partnerships allows for all parties to thrive and if we find that potential partner shares our same belief at competitive pricing, there is no reason not to share our prosperity with one another.

If you are interested in forming a partnership with HireSafe feel free to 
contact us by phone or email. We look forward to any potential future our two businesses may share with one another.

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