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Nanny Background Checks

Average time to complete this report: 3-5 business days

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Quality care for your children begins with quality people to care for them. Our Child Care Background Checks are designed to search out the details of your applicants' past history. Are they who they say that they are? Do they have serious baggage in their past that you just don't want to deal with, like drug abuse or crime charges?

The proper due diligence with Child Care Background Checks and drug screenings will assist in making the correct choice that you can be comfortable with. There are NO second-chances with the safety of your children when hiring a Nanny. We understand that even with help from an agency, the responsibility is yours to verify their background as well as their other demonstrated skills.

Our Child Care Background Check detailed report includes multiple County Court Criminal Record Searches, the Multi-State Criminal Database Search from over 445 million records, and state-wide Eviction Records.

Also included is the National Sex Offender Search, FBI Crimes Against Children and Violent Offenders, MediCare/MediCaid Sanctions Report, Address History and Alias names that they used. We also will contact their most recent Previous Employer and report to you and Bankruptcies, Liens or Judgments.

When we check their driving records you'll know that their driver's license is valid and that they don't have any outstanding arrest warrants or a history of DUI's. Our Child Care Background Checks are deeper and broader screenings conducted by professionals from which to base your all-important hiring decision.

View the Multi-State Criminal Database reporting jurisdictions.

What's Included:

  • County Criminal Court Record Search*              (up to 4x counties)
  • Federal Criminal Court Record Search               (up to 4x districts)
  • Multi-State Criminal Database Search w/Alias Names
  • National Sex Offender Registry search w/Alias Names
  • Bankruptcy, Liens & Judgments Report
  • Previous Employment Verification* (1x report)
  • Statewide Eviction Report (1x report)
  • Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions Report (HHS/OIG/GSA/FACIS)
  • Domestic & International Terrorist Watch List
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC Report)
  • Social Security Number Validation
  • Address History
  • Alias Names Listed
  • FBI Crimes Against Children
  • FBI Violent Offenders
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)*

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