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When the existence of your company relies upon its ability to provide security to others, a quality workforce is essential. There is little room for error in the employee selection process within security firms since a single bad hire can ruin your reputation and bring harm to the people or property you are charged with protecting. Who you are hiring and granting building or system access as security agents has become even more important as you strive to improve the quality and safety of your staff, protect sensitive information and help your organization maintain a positive public image. Our security background checks and drug screening services are specifically designed to fit the responsibility and the importance of such a demanding position with the security industry.

Solutions Tailored to your Industry

HireSafe provides solutions to all sizes of organizations and can tailor reports, billing, and orders based on the unique needs of the security industry.

HireSafe understands your need to mitigate risk, reduce shrinkage and ensure customer safety in your security firm. Our comprehensive security background checking and drug screening solutions work fast to help you rule out those who might not suit your company’s values while identifying potential employees who will best fit your requirements. The proximity of working with the public requires that a Sex Offender and criminal records search be conducted at a minimum

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