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    HireSafe is a trusted provider of employment background checks. We're proud to be different - refreshingly honest, reliable and safe. Get started today!
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    HireSafe is a compliant single source for all of your employment background screening needs. At HireSafe we offer tailored employment background checks, criminal background checks and drug testing solutions.
  • Background Screening Services
    Employment Background Screening Services - At HireSafe we offers tailored employment background checks and criminal screening encompassing more than 75 different services in more than 250 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Community
    HireSafe has a plethora of knowledge in regards to background screening and offers consulting services to anyone who has an interest in background screening services. If interested in our consulting services please feel free to give us a call.
  • Employee Drug Testing
    HireSafe offers professional, compliant saliva, hair, and urinary drug testing; which are quick, affordable and completely secure – HireSafe Drug Testing. If in need of drug testing, HireSafe offers many drug testing services through many of our drug testing partners. If just in need of information relating to drug testing, HireSafe also has many drug testing resources available to scan over.
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    HireSafe offers tailored employment background checks for every level of employment need. Search through all of HireSafe’s Profile Suites that list out some of the most comprehensive background searches on the market. We have background screening profiles that specifically meet your needs.
  • About Us
    HireSafe, established in 1997, offers wide variety of employment background screening and drug testing services with low cost and fast turnaround time. To read more about us, and what we offer for a wide array of industries. Navigate to our "About Us" page which lists out a simple, yet descriptive narrative of HireSafe.
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    What's in the news today? Follow hiresafe for frequent news releases and current events.
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    HireSafe Employment Background Check Blog. A Blog Source Dedicated to Employment Screening Related News and Background check Education. Follow us and stay on top of background screening blog and HireSafe current events.
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    HireSafe Forum
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    HireSafe’s SiteMap is devoted to helping our clients, potential and existing, have an easy and simply way of navigating through the HireSafe website. If interested in learning more about our background screening services feel free to look through our SiteMap for more information.
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    Privacy Policy - Data Research Network, Inc. & HireSafe
  • 5 hour set-up for background checks
    fast employment background check set-up - Hiresafe offers world class investigative background check to employers.
  • Background Check landing
    All Employment Background Checks are NOT the same! HireSafe offers only compliant investigative employment background checks and drug screening solutions to employers in CA and all other states. If interested in professional pre-employment background checks feel free to navigate through our website, our call us to learn more!
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  • Employment Screening
    Pre-Employment Background Screening can be a difficult thing to describe and define, it’s so incredibly comprehensive and very few background check companies offer the same services! HireSafe’s offers CA compliant background screening, drug testing, and pre-employment background professional services at a competitive low price! If interested in background screening, HireSafe is the only way to hire safe!

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