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Everybody's doing it!  Everybody is using social media to find out more about their friends and acquaintances in digital space. That's perfectly fine for personal relationships but very problematic in the field of human resources. You just might be breaking a combination of federal and state employment laws. With more than 800 million active users of Facebook, half of whom log on daily, and a plethora of other social network platforms vying for attention, social media has become a significant force both in and out of the workplace. And while it comes with certain risks, social media can also provide significant rewards for companies willing to spend the time, money and effort to leverage it.

Now, the HireSafe Social Media Hiring Profile will enable an employer to harness the far reaches of the World Wide Web to understand more about the character of their job applicants as regulated by the federal Title VII, EEOC and FCRA hiring laws. While a casual Internet search of an individual might reveal their " digitalweb surface" and violate discrimination laws, the HireSafe Social Media Hiring Profile conducts the only "deep web" search compliant for hiring suitability purposes.

When using the Social Media Hiring Profile, you'll be mitigating the exposure many businesses face by performing only compliant social media background check searches without the risk of a hiring lawsuit. To protect your business, all federal and state protected class information is redacted from the reports provided. You see only information that is job relevant and may be legally considered in the hiring process. You now have the ability to conduct thorough, safe applicant screening using the valuable data in social media without increasing your risk of liability.

The Social Media Hiring Profile provides three distinct levels based upon the level of employment:



Social Media Hiring Profile: Basic Level

This report is an "elimination" test for a candidate using a PASS/FAIL approach. With specific filers chosen by the employer, such as: illegal activity; violence; illicit drug use or sexually explicit behavior, and employer can "test" their candidate for having an online digital presence indicative of this type of behavior. This report will show the results of the first hit, found on any type of the undesired activity. The result will be a PASS if there is no information found to be reported.

Social Media Hiring Profile: Comprehensive Level

This report will return all USER-GENERATED digital content, both positive and negative. The importance of this report is that it provides ALL findings of candidate posted relevant social media data. Unlike the Basic Level report, all negative hits are shown to more accurately determine prolific behavior if it exists. If the candidate has included their positive accomplishments and activities within their social media postings, the employer will be made aware and could cross-reference statements made during the interview or on their resume.

Social Media Hiring Profile: Executive Level

This is a true online “presence” with content reported from all digital sources, user and non-user generated.  By including non-user generated content, this is the only report that provides insight into character or reputation as viewed by peers or the community.  For any position where a candidate will represent a company in the community or as part of a mixed group (charity event) or sits on a board or project on behalf of company, this product is highly recommended.  There is typically sufficient non-user content that will provide a look at overall social standing.  Additionally, if complaints have been posted about a person, this info would also appear.  It would/could demonstrate chronic negative behavior.  This report would provide HR with “evidence” of due diligence for a high profile candidate/employee.  The content should support what was stated in the interview or on the resume.     

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Social Media in Hiring 


                        Social Media Screening Value Proposition
  • Safeguard organizations, employees, and customers
  • Mitigate the risks of negligent retention
  • Limit exposure to discrimination allegations
  • Enforce corporate social media policies
  • Proactively identify internal risks, protecting customers, employees, and stakeholders

Continuous Employee Social Media Monitoring

The HireSafe Social Media Monitoring program enables employers to implement and enforce a strong social media policy. Using a combination of automated and manual review processes, Social Media Profile Monitoring provides a powerful, cost-effective method of alerting employers to social media policy violations, including negative publicity, fraud and “cyber slacking,” and mitigating risks posed by existing employees. As with the HireSafe Social Media hiring program, the Monitoring program ignores “protected class” information to insulate employers from employee discrimination claims. Whether employees are displaying or discussing illegal behavior, publicly disparaging management online, discussing sensitive company information, or updating personal websites while at work, Social Media Monitoring provides employers with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their organizations.

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