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Background Screening Solutions by State Employment Background Screening Solutions by State

Each state approaches the subject of how their criminal records are handled differently. Many states maintain a central criminal history record repository that receives case-processing information contributed by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, courts and corrections agencies throughout the state.  Information held within these repositories are made available to criminal justice personnel, and, in some states, non-criminal justice agencies that are authorized by law to obtain the records for purposes such as employment  background screening and occupational licensing.  For instance, California does not have a centralized state criminal reporting system for private industry. Based upon our experience, HireSafe searches the applicable repository when statewide background check criminal searches are requested by the client.  

All statewide searches are not created equal; some states do not provide a state criminal database and many others only store limited information from reporting counties.  Surprisingly, some states do not maintain up-to-date and accurate information. HireSafe will guide you in the proper use of statewide searches and provide additional information regarding the accuracy and timeliness of each.  

In each state profile we elaborate upon which states offer criminal records through their respective Department of Justice, or which counties provide results for our MultiState National Criminal Profile report.

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The Mythical Comprehensive Nationwide Criminal Record Search

There is no such thing as a comprehensive nationwide (from all 50 states) criminal record check available to the general public for employment background screening purposes.

The FBI maintains a database called the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which is only for law enforcement use during the investigation of a crime and it generally does not include the final disposition of the case. It was not created for employment background screening and it is not suitable for that purpose; in fact it is a federal crime to access the NCIC under false pretenses.

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