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Employment Background Checks
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We help employers to address safety and compliance in the trucking industry

Trucking and Transportation Background Checks

The HireSafe approach to background check federal compliance for drivers is designed to minimize unnecessary expense while offering full protection to the employer. Combined with our desktop Fleet Manager, the HireSafe background checking program offers fast and easy contact and monitoring of your drivers anywhere in the country, anytime.

The HireSafe transportation program includes criminal background screening as well as Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated random drug and alcohol testing. It is essential that trucking and transport companies and for that matter any company that has commercial drivers to comply with DOT compliance standards.   This means a periodic review of all drivers and the background checks that reflect a valid drivers license, good health–The DOT Physical Exam–and the necessary DOT drug testing.  The DOT Physical Exam is only good for two years and then the driver must be reexamined.

Solutions Tailored to your Industry

With demonstrated experience in delivering successful employment screening solutions to many of today's leading institutions, HireSafe can provide the expertise required to develop a thorough screening program that best meets the needs of your organization. All background and drug screening activities are managed through a single interface and quality results are delivered through an integrated web-based report. Using HireSafe's on-demand employment screening services and the real-time results they provide, you'll hire with confidence and peace of mind.


A reliable, single source for all of your employment screening needs:

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