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 Why choose HireSafe?

 Searching for a long term partner among all the background check companies


So why choose HireSafe as your background check provider?

Companies conduct employment background checks because it is financially advantageous to do so. Background screening is as necessary and important as business insurance. According to the Small Business Administration, the return on investment for employment background screening is between 500-1600%. Five to sixteen dollars made for one dollar spent.

You NEED a professional background screening company. These are reasons why HireSafe’s a smart choice.

Elite Professional Experience

1. HireSafe has 16+ years of employment background screening in virtually every industry and region in the country. We intend to grow and thrive for a long time.

2. We carry Professional Liability Insurance (similar to malpractice). You DON’T want to work with a company that that doesn’t have this insurance protection in place for you.

3. HireSafe is a licensed California Private Investigative Agency under our corporate name, Data Research Network, Inc. (CA PI #25313). A licensed investigator is your best assurance of security and quality work on your behalf.

Trusted and Reliable

4. HireSafe is accredited and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We encourage you to compare us side by side with our industry competitors.

5. HireSafe was one of the Founding Members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) in 2003. We operate as a trusted authority on background screening practices.

6. We follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act to the exact letter of the law. This is for our client's protection, the safeguarding of each applicant's rights as well as our legal and moral responsibility. In turn, we exist without a blemish in an industry that cannot boast the same.


7. We do not require monthly fees or minimum purchase requirements. You only pay for those services that you want and need.

8. Unlike many of our competitors, HireSafe does not offshore any business processes outside of the country.

9. Imagine this: We personally answer our phones and know our clients by name. We are always available to answer questions, provide support and service your business needs.


HireSafe is different than our competitors. We maintain personal relationships with our clients but still have the resources and capabilities to be an elite background screener. Contact us for an immediate consultation. Click the button below and tell us about your business.

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