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Social Media Background Checks in 2014 – Trust Us, It’s Time to Stop

Social media is one of the greatest sources of information into an applicant’s lives, there is no denying it. Many individuals leave their lives wide open to the public without any privacy settings, so what’s stopping employers from looking up potential applicants and snooping around their social media profiles? Well, it may just be a…

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Background Checks are not Discriminatory Against Criminals

The argument that background checks discriminate against criminals is one of the most lobbied complaints against the industry as a whole. Many say this type of discrimination is not too dissimilar from what plagued African-Americans before the Civil Rights Movement, woman before the 1920’s or any other ethnic, race, gender and/or age groups. The distinction…

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Employee Theft and Fraud is on the Rise

Employee theft and fraud is something that has always been a problem for businesses. On average an organization can expect approximately a 5% revenue loss from both, although something that may leave you incredulous is that that percentile is expected to rise in the coming years.  You see, many organizations are looking to cut expenditures…

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Top 4 Employment Background Screening Myths

Employment background checks, the term to the unfamiliar conjures up a variety of preconceived misconceptions that just do not accurately reflect the industry as a whole. Many are under the belief that there is an all-encompassing national database that houses the entire country’s criminal record history. Some believe that these databases can be accessed without…

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Understanding the FCRA from an Employer’s Perspective

The Fair Credit Reporting Act houses some of the most vital regulations for employers utilizing a third party background check company. It has specific mandates that ensure that applicants receive fair treatment and have a say in the screening process. Although despite its importance, employers have been making some pretty big FCRA blunders in 2014.…

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Rescreening Employees Annually or Bi-Annually – Is it Useful?

Most employers now screen incoming job candidates’ histories for previous convictions and/or other unfavorable qualities. This ensures that an individual is suitable for the level of responsibility that will soon be entrusted to them, but is one background check enough? The answer is simply… convoluted. In today’s world unpredictability can land anyone unsuspecting in a…

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