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Avoid the Hidden Costs of a Bad Hire! Vet Your Candidates with Employment Background Screening

When facing a need to hire new staff, employers often worry about the costs of not getting the job started, revenue losses from not having sales staff, or not shipping on time. Few businesses consider the costs associated with rushing through the hiring process to get someone in the position that ends up costing them far more than those potential loses.

An article by Steve Girdler from May 21st shined a bright light on the hidden costs behind a bad hiring decision. When your business needs staff to complete an order or start a project it’s hard to warrant a few extra days or dollars to do the work and properly vet candidates prior to signing them on. Few employers consider the ramifications of such a rushed job.

Girdler notes that if you hire an employee who wasn’t exactly honest on their resume you may find that they are unable to do the work you hired them to do. That decisions ramifications are quickly realized when production halts and other employees must step in to pick up the slack. Most employers can understand that problem but what about consequences beyond it? Employees forced to work harder because the new hire doesn’t know the job won’t be very satisfied with their position, and wont stick around long to carry that burden.

Sure, you could seek to remove this new hire from the work force but the legal requirements to do so are a cost on their own and depending on the reasoning could leave you with a unemployment insurance battle. Depending on your company’s procedures just getting to the point of firing a bad hire may take a while. That leaves you with a bad employee for a lot longer than the time it would have taken to vet them properly and this doesn’t even consider the fact that you now must go through the process again, except now even more rushed.

Instead, employers can use cost effective tools like employment background checks to verify the candidate’s information and screen them for any red flags prior to getting them in the office. At HireSafe we specialize in giving you the tools to do proper due diligence in the hiring process and avoid the hidden costs of hiring a poor fit. Check out our most popular background check packages here, or fill out a quick consult request form and we will get back to you with our recommendations free of charge.

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