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Background Screening Investigations Save You from Employee Disasters

Thanksgiving is around the corner and our HireSafe family knows that balancing holiday plans while running a business is not easy!

When working hard on your company, your future and your family navigating the hiring maze can be difficult. The ins and outs of the hiring process can make your head spin and when it comes down to it you can never be sure that a potential hire actually has the qualifications they say they have. Worse yet, the candidate in front of you may have a dangerous past that could spell disaster for your company and your employees.

When selecting candidates, it is always important to protect your company and your employees. A solid employment background investigation is an important part of finding your way through the hiring maze. When you utilize background screening you are getting an accurate and unbiased report of a candidates past. Something you may not get if you rely only on what the potential hire tells you on their resume.

Our services investigate your potential hire thoroughly. Depending on the package you select we confirm job history and check criminal history among many other possibilities. These reports allow you to find out if your candidate even attended the school they say they graduated from. You can discover if they ever even worked at the company that gave them position required experience. With criminal background investigations you are able to see the past choices your candidate has made and determine if they are a poor fit for your opening.

On top of being the best way to complete your due diligence when hiring. Employment background checks by HireSafe are also compliant with the latest FCRA and state specific laws and regulations. Being based in California we are used to the strictest employment laws and so no matter which state you’re in you know you are getting the best. Overall our background investigation tools give you the power to find your way through the hiring maze.

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