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Background screening using the HireSafe QuickApp keeps your business compliant and more!

QuickApp by TazWorks is the tool HireSafe clients use to start the background check process on a prospective employee. Using it is as simple as entering contact information for the individual you would like to screen, and pressing send! In addition to being FAST, the QuickApp has three main benefits:

  1. Compliance: The TazWorks portal sends an authorization form along with the required notifications for federal and any local regulations. These documents are pivotal to keeping your business safe as many FCRA lawsuits filed against employers allege that required documents were not properly provided. Additionally the authorization sent by the QuickApp goes directly to the candidate, and then to us. With no middle man on the authorization process its easy to ensure the candidate authorizes the check so we can do our part!
  2. Cost: Before the QuickApp, our clients would need to collect the potential hires information, provide documents on their own paper ensuring they completed the process correctly. Then they would need to send that information back to us for review, often requiring a few tries to get everything compliant. Now your business doesn’t have to worry! Simply put in the applicants name, and the QuickApp takes care of the time and materials so you don’t have to!
  3. Accuracy: The QuickApp allows the potential hire to input their own information! This is great because it eliminates the need for transcribing an applicants information into our system. No more errors from illegible handwriting, the candidate inputs all the required information directly into our portal.

With the HireSafe QuickApp you can save time and money but most importantly you will keep your company safe from compliance nightmares. Check out our video below on how to request a background check through the QuickApp to see how easy it is!

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