Executive Background Check Challenges Hiring Managers Face

One challenge that employers face today is that a growing work force is retiring each day. Some of these retirees have executive level positions. While a massive age group moves out of these high level positions, a new work force is competing for these new open job positions. So who will fill your higher level…

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Enhanced Security Update

Dear Clients, You asked about security and we answered! We released an InstaScreen™ security enhancement on Thursday, March 3rd. The enhancement includes an improved login process. Password resets are now streamlined and include multi-factor authentication (MFA). Due to these changes, all InstaScreen users will be required to provide a delivery method for password recovery upon…

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Top 5 Background Check Trends for 2016 – #4 Credit Report Restrictions

Employment background checks have increased the use of credit reports year over year. This weighted factor for hiring has not gone unnoticed by community groups, politicians and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). They have scrutinized this determining factor and say it penalizes vulnerable applicants unfairly. Opponents say it violates privacy laws because it may…

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5 Tips on How to NOT Conduct an Employment Background Check

At HireSafe we strive to keep our clients fully compliant when conducting an employment background check. Our highly trained staff always consults them on what to do, but rarely do we say how to not conduct one. So, here are 5 tips on how NOT to conduct an employment background check.   Don’t include the…

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Top 5 Background Check Trends for 2016 – #2 Employee Background Re-Screenings

Most of the background checks that companies conduct are for pre-employment purposes. But, what happens after that employee has been on the job for at least a year or more? So, more businesses are protecting themselves in 2016 with employee background re-screenings. A pre-employment background check is only a glimpse at what that employee has…

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Things to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

A successful business thrives off the utilization of the efficiency and efficacy of its employees. If an employee is lackluster, or worse, causing trouble within the organization; it will only impede the potential of the business itself. With employment background checks, many red flags can be avoided when looking through new applicants. An Insight Into…

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NAPBS View: Ban the Box Confusing – Boxes in Employers

Guest editorial by: Jennifer Gladstone  It seems like every single week we are announcing another state or jurisdiction adding or broadening their “Ban the Box” policies. They each have a slightly different name, and the details about which employers are included vary, but one by one, municipalities are being swept up in the ban the…

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What an Applicant’s Criminal Conviction Means for Employers in 2015

It’s a well understood fact that the United States’ population has the highest incarceration rate of any nation. More than 68 million Americans have some sort of criminal history and when it comes to getting employed, many face hurdles that prevent them from being hired and assimilating back into society.  While several states have seven…

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Credit Reports and Their Usefulness in Select Hiring Decisions

Many state legislators have already banned the use of credit checks in employment decisions, barring select positions. The reason being is that credit checks provide an insight into an applicant’s life that most employers simply do not need for employment reasons. It creeps over the boundary into an invasion of privacy that quite plainly isn’t…

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