Can your report predict someone’s future behavior?

Can a background report predict future behavior?

Performing a background check on a job applicant is certainly not a guarantee of their future activity. It is very important to understand that an employment background screening report is aimed at how a person has performed in the public aspect of their lives, which are based upon the “paper trail” that each of us leaves in our wake. What the reports WILL reveal is the demonstrated past behavior of the applicant, in the form of criminal convictions, their driving record, personal character and/or how a person discharges their obligations and responsibilities.

This information allows an employer to make an informed choice. Employment Background Screening is not an invasion of privacy, a sign of mistrust or an act of “Big Brother.” Background Screening is not only for the benefit of the company as a sound business practice, but also for the benefit of all employees. It is no reflection on an applicant.

For the prices being charged, these are not in-depth FBI style investigations. However, just engaging in a background screening program demonstrates a high level of due diligence which provides an employer with a great deal of legal protection.