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Why sign-up with an employee background check services company?

Why do I need an employee background check company? How come I can't just screen employees on my own?

By utilizing an employee background check company like HireSafe, employers of all sizes and industries can avoid challenges that come from making a bad hire. Background check companies minimize employers from hiring a person with an unsuitable criminal record or falsified credentials. Or possibly another issue that makes him/her dangerous, unqualified or unfit for the position. (Best background check services)

Lawsuits for negligent hiring are among the fastest-growing areas of litigation in the United States. Employers who fail to demonstrate due diligence can be hit with harsh penalties. Nationally, a third of business costs include employee salaries, benefits, and hiring. It's usually the largest single line-item in a company's budget. With that in mind, doesn't it makes sense to know who you're hiring to protect your most significant source of risk?

Employee Background Check Services

Employee background check companies help prevent a myraid of issues including the following

  • Negligent Hiring Lawsuits - Pre-Employment screening demonstrates due diligence
  • Workplace Violence - History of criminal acts is a significant factor in predicting workplace violence
  • Unqualified Applicants - Up to 30% of applications contain material falsehoods
  • Time Wasted Recruiting, Training, and Hiring the Wrong Applicants
  • Wrongful Termination Lawsuits - Even if they lied in the hiring process!
  • Theft, Financial Loss, Sexual Harassment and other Workforce Problems

Signing up with an employee background check company is not a guarantee for discovering all bad applicants. However, just engaging in a pre-employment screening program demonstrates due diligence. It also provides an employer with a great deal of legal protection.

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