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Employment Background Check Information

Pre-employment screening years of service

HireSafe has been a trusted business partner for 24+ years. You can trust our experience.

With over 24 years of experience, you can have every confidence that our extensive website and trained HireSafe team hold a wealth of information on compliant background checks. Keeping this in mind, HireSafe offers a full suite of criminal background check services fitted to your company's needs; use the links above to learn background check information that every business owner and manager should recognize.

Based in California, where background check regulations and employer regulations are the most stringent in the nation, you can trust that our services are compliant. Strict California background check regulations and our trusted client specialists ensure that the criminal background check services we provide are compliant across all 50 states. With HireSafe Background checks, you know you are getting the most compliant employment background check service available.