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HireSafe Background Check Application Formats

HireSafe offers paperless online background check formats to simplify your background check process.

Be sure you're getting the most out of your online employment background check company!

USA-based compliant background check provider for 25 years.

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HireSafe is based in the USA and uses no outsourcing

HireSafe has provided compliant employment background check services for over 25 years. We're a 2003 founding member of the PBSA, and all our screening services are FCRA compliant and completed within the USA.

With us, you’ll never worry about your company’s data being shipped overseas to third-world countries, unlike many other background check companies. We value and guard the applicants' personal information like it was our own.

1. QuickApp™ electronic paperless format included for all HireSafe clients!

Our user-friendly QuickApp only requires that you enter the applicant’s name, email address, and state of employment. This QuickApp is our most basic online format and is great for simplifying human resources, candidate selection, and compliance. The procedure is simple:

  1. Enter a potential hire's email and basic information.
  2. The candidate will then receive an email requesting more information on themselves, and to acquire their consent for the employment background check.
  3. The candidate is immediately provided with the necessary FCRA and state compliance documents, including notification of their rights.
  4. Once they electronically sign the consent, HireSafe will conduct the background check.

This format is much simpler and more accurate than the paper format. Having the applicant fill in their personal information eliminates errors and security concerns. However, before the background process begins, you will need to provide job applications for your company. Picking out a candidate to interview from mountains of paper forms can be difficult and slow, the QuickApp PRO can help.

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2. QuickApp PRO™ customized electronic applications for larger employers

Streamline your onboarding process with this digital employment application.

The HireSafe QuickApp PRO is a customized employment application that feeds directly into our screening platform. Potential hires can fill out the form online via a secure link. The application link can be embedded on any website, internet listing service, or provided by email. Optimized for all devices the QuickApp PRO

Once you find applicants you would like to screen for employment, a background check is just a click away. All the necessary compliance documents are provided, and once the electronic signature is submitted, HireSafe will conduct the background check process.

HireSafe’s QuickApp and QuickApp PRO increases efficiency and eliminates risk keeping you safe and keeping the application process simple.

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Benefits of paperless online forms from HireSafe:

  • Avoid data entry errors.
  • Avoid possible liabilities and costs associated with providing compliant forms.
  • Automatic delivery of all documents needed for compliance.
  • Simple and fast authorization, disclosure and release forms.
  • Avoid lawsuits with the most up to date and compliant process.
  • Online backups of all the documents needed for FCRA and state compliance.
  • Easy access to customizable applications
  • Spread your company openings easily with a single simple link!
  • Utlize XML and third party tracking software with your applications.
  • Avoid sensitive data security concerns.
  • Seamlessly upload the applicant’s online application in real time, ready for processing.
  • And many more!

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