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Covid-19 UPDATE

We’re now entering the fourth week of this pandemic which seems to have touched virtually everyone on the planet. Hopefully, science will soon provide the relief that is essential to our recovery. Until that time life must go on, and it does.

HireSafe is fully functional as we have put into place our disaster operational plans.

We’re all operating under a new “normal” but until such time that the regulations regarding employment background screening are adjusted, the old rules still apply. Here’s a recap of what HireSafe is providing to maintain compliance for our clients:

  1. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is in full force and compliance is not an option.
  2. Our QuickApp process delivers the required notification documents and obtains the applicants consent.
  3. If needed, the adverse action documents in our portal will satisfy the requirements if negative information is reported.

The national “shelter in-place” directive has closed many courts, employers, and schools. There may be exceptions where stored data is available and we’ll access that in a compliant format wherever we can. Consequently, there may be delays in obtaining the records and verification’s that are needed to complete the background report. Here’s our plan:

  • We’ll process every report to its fullest capability to provide results.
  • Those requested components not yet completed will be “pending” upon the availability of the requested data.
  • With any search component that is listed as “pending”, the completion time is most likely unknown.
  • A “Conditional Job Offer” could be a useful tool during the interim. A sample is located in the “Help” menu on the report toolbar indicated by your initials. (NOTE: this step is required in CA)

During this crisis, the best way to communicate with us is via email:
Margot:     Rebecca:

We’re here today and we’ll be here when this pandemic is finally under control. In the meantime, please diligently safeguard your health.


Al Firato
President & CEO

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