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eBook: Criminal Records for Employment Background Check Reports

What is a nationwide criminal background check

The format of this eBook is simple in that I’ll take you through what comprises a legal and effective employment criminal background check. As a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) everything that we touch at HireSafe is focused first on our fiduciary responsibility to our client, while always maintaining the rights of the job applicant.

The backbone of an employment background check is the search for criminal records associated with the candidate. While court records are part of the public domain, convenient retrieval and understanding what they contain can be problematic. Only a CRA has complete access to county, state and federal criminal records.

Flash Point: Getting Started

Doing your homework didn’t end in high school! Before an employment criminal background check is even considered the position needs to be clearly defined as to:

  1. Responsibilities associated with the position.
  2. Requirements (experience; skills; academic; etc.) to be me met.
  3. Red Flag’s (any disqualifying history).

By first designating the responsibilities associated with the position, an employer can assign the appropriate level of due diligence required. Failure to properly do so could place unjustified and inappropriate scrutiny on an applicant. Not all positions require the same level of scrutiny.

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