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FCRA Lawsuits

Background check FCRA violations Cost Companies Millions

Attorneys work hard to market their services protecting candidates from unlawful background check procedures. If your company is violating FCRA regulations or State regulations, it's only a matter of time before you find yourself in a costly lawsuit. FCRA lawsuits vary in the amount awarded, but you can avoid them by using compliant background screening services like HireSafe's paperless online electronic background checks.

List of Recent FCRA Lawsuits

FCRA lawsuits are constant and ongoing, a great resource to keep track of recent violations and lawsuits is the Good Jobs First Violation Tracker. The list below is compiled from several sources.

L3 Technologies Inc. $275,000 L3 Technologies Inc. and subsidiary L3 Unidyne Inc. will pay $275,000 in a 254-Member class action settlement. The settlement states the company did not provide compliant disclosures to job applicants before it obtained background checks according to Bloomberg Law.

JPMorgan $1.25 Million. J.P. Morgan Securities was fined for incomplete background checks; specifically, these were FINRA requirements for fingerprint screening the company failed to complete.

Postmates $2.5 Million. The food courier service failed to properly notify potential employees violating FCRA regulations.

Avis - $2.7 Million. Avis settled a suit in November 2017, alleging improper background check procedures such as failure to provide adverse action notices and FCRA disclosures.

Uber $7.5 Million. Former Uber drivers who felt they were denied employment based on illegal background checks won a settlement from the rideshare giant in December 2017.

TransUnion $60 Million. A California jury awarded the largest settlement for FCRA violations ever in June of 2017. The lawsuit found TransUnion violated three FCRA provisions:

  1. TransUnion failed to follow “reasonable procedures to ensure maximum possible accuracy of the information” regarding the OFAC alert contained in the plaintiffs’ consumer reports. (§ 1681e(b).)
  2. TransUnion failed to clearly and accurately disclose all the information in the plaintiffs’ consumer reports upon their request. (§ 1681g(a).)
  3. TransUnion failed to provide plaintiffs with a summary of their rights under the FCRA. (§ 1681g(c)(2)(A).)

The TransUnion settlement is the highest ever imposed for violating FCRA regulations. Many companies big and small fall prey to FCRA lawsuits; attorneys are getting better and better at marketing their services, and no matter how big your company is, if you’re not in compliance, you can bet you will be sued. That’s why it’s vital to ensure your company follows FCRA and State regulations.

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