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Employment Background Screening Customer Service

When searching for an employment background screening company, it’s important to find an organization that places a priority on both answering client’s questions and informing them on the important subject matter at a moment’s notice. 

Even with a company that can send newsletters and updates to its clients, having the option of phoning the organization to have a specific question answered is incredibly important. With the ever changing landscape of the employment background screening industry, having up-to-date information is absolutely essential. As a result, choosing the right company that can keep you informed becomes equally essential.

Most organizations within the industry simply do not have phone-lines that allow for an easy dialogue with a non-robot or individuals whom aren’t reading off of predesigned scripts. A client with a very specific question can find the process of getting it answered burdensome and more importantly, a huge waste of time. 

This is why when selecting from the myriad of different companies that offer employment background screening services it is important to feel out the organization during the selection process. Are they responsive during the inquiry? Is the call answered by a human or are you led down a series of options through a phone tree? When the call is finally answered is it by someone that seems knowledgeable or someone is who is reading off a script? These questions, and those similar to them, need to be asked before engaging in a working relationship.

Let’s face facts, third party background screening companies perform some of the most vital services a client could ever ask of them. These companies actively peel away all the layers of an applicant’s life till there is an accurate look into their past behaviors to indicate if they are appropriate for hire. With this power allotted to these companies, comes a large amount of oversight from Local, State and Federal entities; one mistake can amount to a FCRA lawsuit that could significantly drain the resources for a business to grow.

The scary part is these mistakes if made on either side of the provider or consumer spectrum could spell out legal trouble for the client. For instance, if during the adverse action process the client makes a mistake in not giving enough time to the applicant to respond to the allegations on the report, then the client is now liable for infringing on the applicant’s rights. Even if the client had no knowledge of what was required, it is up to the client to respect the rights of their applicants.

This is why a background screening company that can be readily contacted is so necessary. If something is confusing, a client should feel free and able to contact their third party provider of employment background checks. This is something HireSafe prides itself on. Whenever a client of ours calls, a trained specialist is always ready to answer any questions or clear up any confusion.

Before selecting an organization, please understand what a mammoth undertaking background screening is in learning what is required. Choose a company that can keep you informed and answer your questions.

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